Quality Time With Kids.

My post today was going to be a daily silly (jokes that I get) however I just got a very sad phone call from my sons middle school. Apparently last night a 7th grader left our world and went to heaven. He was out of town playing basketball and collapsed during warm ups. My heart is SO HEAVY for his family. I can’t even bare the thought of losing one of my kids. The fact that they are growing up and don’t need or want their momma alone makes me sad. I just don’t know how anyone can deal with that. So although I don’t know this family personally I ask for lots of prayers for them.

Hold your babies close no matter what age they are. Always hug and kiss them goodbye and tell them you love them whenever you part no matter how embarrassed they may get. We just don’t know what our “plan in life” is. 

God Bless his family and may his young soul RIP.