Daily Must Do’s for YOU!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I want to share with you a few things that I think we should all practice daily. In my opinion I think these things will give you an overall sense of well-being AND you will probably make others feel pretty darn special too 😉

Do you ever feel like you are just not appreciated? I believe in good and bad karma. Therefore if someone has helped you in some way, and just made your day a tad bit easier – make sure you let them know that with a BIG….


This not only will show others you respect them, but it will most likely be returned back to you when it is your time to receive.

SLOW THE HECK DOWN. Take a measly 15 minutes out of your day to enjoy yourself. Clear your mind – you will be amazed with the inspiration that comes your way when you are feeling at peace. I prefer to start my mornings like this.


Remember that list I talked about in my post yesterday? Probably not cause I don’t think many read it :((( Anyways if you are like me, you can be crazy busy and feel like you never accomplish anything. So DO and check one thing off your to-do list. Did you forget to return a phone call? Do you have a never-ending amount of e-mails you need to clean out? Just do at least one thing that has been really bothering you. It will give you so much relief and a good sense of accomplishment.

EAT at least one healthy & nutritious meal a day. One of my favorites is a chicken salad. I never get bored with these as you can always add or subtract stuff so they taste different each time.


Perform ONE or more if you like, random acts of kindness!  The concept of “paying it forward” is REAL and EFFECTIVE. Here is a simple list of ways to accomplish this in the photo below…


GIVE someone your full attention. Always listen without bearing judgments or criticism. Try to avoid giving any self-referencing (meaning don’t turn what they are saying around on you) and really be fully present for whoever needs it. Five minutes of your time is nothing but it sure could change a person’s entire day. Which in return should make you feel good as well.

Try your best to focus on one thing at a time (I know I have a HUGE problem with this but am working on it diligently – it REALLY takes focus) You are only one person and you can’t do everything. I expressed before and I will say it again, it is OK to say NO. I know how hard this is, try not to be rude about it, but remember it is not doing you any good to take on things when you already have your plate full. THIS CREATES STRESS!


Have you made your goal list yet? If not, do it today. It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between people who have written, stated goals and their level of accomplishment compared to people who do not. Can you guess who accomplishes more? But don’t forget to make your goals SMART ones.


And last but certainly NOT LEAST – tell those you love that you love them. There has been SO MANY DEATHS lately in my neck of the woods. It is heartbreaking. Don’t wait- tell them today because there is no day but today!


May peace, joy, happiness and all things good come your way today and everyday. Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!



Desiderata – A Beautiful and Meaningful Poem by Max Ehrmann 1927


I wanted to share this poem with you all. It was given to my daughter from her Grama Marlene who passed away in August of 2013. She fought a long battle with cancer and we were blessed to have her in our lives. She would always give my daughter these wonderful poems and other inspirational things. When I read this one, it just really put life into perspective and I realized this is exactly how I want to live my own life. My last living grandparent – my Grama Mary (91-1/2 yrs old) passed away just one week ago. I loved the moments we got to spend alone together and the wisdom she provided me during that time. I will miss her dearly but I will see her again one day. We always say when it is TOO LATE that we wish we would have had more time to spend with those we loved and lost. We have no idea when our time, or someone else’s time may be up, so quit wishing and spend that “MORE TIME” today, tomorrow and the next day. Live your life to the fullest. Be Happy. Love and be loved. Be YOURSELF always.

Good night and Sweet Dreams.


Truth be told…Letting it all out!!

Good Morning,

After reading another Blog post this morning it really inspired me to do this. As boring as it may be I feel the need to let it all out!

Like many people I am sure, I feel so overwhelmed with life. We all have things we keep private but for the most part I am an open book. I mention a little about myself under the page titled “my crazy self” but there is so much more I need to vent about. Isn’t that what blogs are for? ha ha

I never hide my age for one. Do I wish I could go back a few years? Of course – who doesn’t, but we all know that can’t happen so we might as well learn from mistakes and move forward. I am 38 years old and will be 39 in June. I will look at 40 as the new 20.  However there are some days I wish I could actually fast forward to retirement age – 🙂 My kids will be 16 and 12 this year. I spent the majority of their childhood getting my Bachelor’s degree online. I was on my computer from 8 a.m. to midnight nearly every night for 5 years and that is when I wasn’t at work. I REALLY regret that. Not that I went to school but that I basically dedicated too much time on it and not enough with my kids when they actually wanted me to be involved. Now they are to the age where they tell me “quit treating me like I am 5” which I probably do because I have guilt and I missed the opportunity to do so many fun and memorable things with them. My kids are my life and if that is one thing I could do over, it would be to spend MUCH MORE quality time with them and forget about everything else because we all know how fast they grow up. Thankfully I believe they still love me, I still get hugs and kisses, and they have turned out to be caring and respectable kids (although not perfect because there is no such thing as a perfect kid or adult for that matter).

My husband and I have been married for 10 years (11 this March). I will never portray that we have the perfect marriage because we don’t. In fact, the first 5 years were extremely rough. But we got through it, and although we fight every now and then, and we are completely opposite of one another, we make it work and we love each other. I don’t know if I believe in the theory that “opposites attract”, in fact many days I wish he were more like me – wanting to try new things, etc. but he is content with living the average life of working to pay bills and trying to have a little extra to spend on whatever. He works hard, he does the grocery shopping and he cooks a lot of the time. He is a good man and a good father. Then I have my days where I wish I could be content like that – being happy with exactly what it is we already have but sadly I am not – which I will get to shortly.

My health –  I can’t say I am an unhealthy person. I eat right, I go through spurts of exercise routines, and I get a ton of exercise going up and down my stairs a hundred times a day. I do have high blood pressure and have been taking meds for that for YEARS, and I have had five surgeries – two which have been on my back – I am literally built with titanium! But I do not let that hold me back from much. I probably lift things and do things I should not be doing, but I refuse to act like I am 90 with back problems. I let years and years of suffering get me all depressed, the nerve pain was so bad I wanted to CUT my leg off. But as with everything else in my life, I got it fixed and got through it. I think the majority of the world has some sort of health issue and we just gotta deal with it and not let it get the best of us.

WORK!!! Oh where to start. I have had many jobs since I first started working at the age of 15. I did a paper route with my brother, was a waitress, did some misc. office jobs, was a nursing assistant for awhile, went to school for real estate but didn’t study hard enough for the test and failed it, but I didn’t try again because at the time I found a job I really enjoyed and ended up staying there for a few years. I went to Cosmetology school and did hair on and off for about 5 years but for some ODD reason my hands started itching. It was like sticking them in fiberglass when I touched someones hair. I wore gloves for a year (NOT FUN) and I decided it was time to give it up. My dream of owning my own salon and spa went down the drain. What to do next. I decided to go back to school online. I got my AS degree in Marketing and Management and my BA degree in an Individualized Degree (this was awesome because ALL my college credits from before transferred in and I was able to take classes that really interested me. While I was finishing my BA I was a staffing specialist for a staffing agency (loved the job but management NOT SO MUCH). Because of that job, I decided to have my focus area be in Human Resources. The one class I was short of an actual HR degree was Algebra. Never got it, and never will. But I am really good with numbers (weird huh). I can do statistics, economics, accounting, just not ALGEBRA. I blame my 9th grade teacher who was very mean and would never re-explain things. Anyway, when I left the staffing agency, I was also working PT for my brothers trucking company doing billing and general office stuff. I also started working for the local school district as a Para (providing one on one assistance to students with emotional, behavioral and psychical disabilities). I liked that job too but since it was not what I was going to school for and things started getting to be too much with going to school FT online and 2 jobs, I decided to quit. I had plans to move when I completed my Degree but my husband and kids did not want to and they wanted me full time at the trucking company so I did that. Long story short I was there over 8 years, the company grew fast, working with family became even more stressful and I had to make a choice to either leave or risk my health and ruining my close relationship with my family. There were many family members working there. At the end of August 2013 I chose to leave sadly. Working for family is HARD STUFF!!

Six months ago till now…. What a whirlwind. I thought for sure with all my experience and education I would be able to get SOME type of job for reasonable pay. WRONG!!! I don’t know why I thought that – after all, I have lived here most of my life and know how it is. I went through 3 months of MAJOR depression. Crying everyday and feeling worthless. I have applied at over 80 companies and spent countless hours doing cover letters, tweaking my resume and filling out online apps. It is a wee bit FRUSTRATING to have experience and education and probably a better work ethic than many and not be able to get even a simple general office job. Because there was no way in heck I could just sit around and just look for work for someone else, I decided to start my own business. I found some hobbies of crafting and decided to start selling my stuff online. My friend does it and is very successful. It is going pretty good but it is a competitive market out there. I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far, but it is still not bringing home the bacon like I need it to and it is A LOT of work. The good thing about it is that I enjoy it. I don’t necessarily enjoy 15+ hour days but I am my own boss, the entrepreneur I believed I was always meant to be. No I don’t know if this is what I was meant to do or not, but I am going for it and I will find my niche sooner or later. In all honestly my passion is helping others, whether that be finding a job, making them feel confident about themselves, maybe hooking them up with someone else etc. Making others feel happy is what makes me happy. It is such a great feeling knowing you made a difference to someone. Even if it is the smallest thing. It makes my whole day when someone buys something from me and I get an email saying how much they love it. Awesome – Awesome – Awesome.

Many people call me crazy – not because they think I am really “insane” but because I am always going, going, going… I can’t slow down. And when I try to slow down I get lazy and I don’t like it. My head is over flowing with so many things, so many ideas, so many thoughts, I wish I had an external hard drive to plug into so I could I could put it all in there and get back to it when I am finished with the countless other things I have to be doing at all times. Ha ha But I am me, and I am proud of all the experience I have gained over the years. Some people might look at the variety of jobs I have had negatively. To me, it has made me WELL-ROUNDED. As the saying goes “I am a Jack of all Trades and Master of None”. But that is ok with me. Because I would rather know a little about a lot of things then a lot about one thing. I am a life-long learner and plan to learn as much as my brain can handle. I am going to LIVE LIFE to its fullest potential!! Well as full as I can living where I am unless I can convince my family to all move south with me 🙂 I DO NOT LOVE THESE LONG COLD WINTERS.

Have a great day – stay POSITIVE and thanks for reading my lengthy post.


Caught between a WARM and a COLD place.

I live in Northern MN. Nearly 20 years ago I took my first adventure south to go visit a friend in Naples, FL. It was then I KNEW I was meant to live somewhere warm near the ocean. Since then I have returned to FL twice, gotten a passport, went to Jamaica twice and to Mexico three times. I LOVE IT. Don’t get me wrong the snow can be pretty and I enjoy the white stuff at Christmas time, and I really like having the four different seasons (although it really only feels like 2 most years because spring and fall seem really short and summer always goes by too fast). Unfortunately My hubby and children are not on the same page with me to get out of here, nor do I think I would be happy living so far away from the rest of my family either. My dream one day is to own a quaint little rustic cottage on the ocean and that all my family and friends will someday get sick of this frigid cold weather and move with me.

Anyway, after typing paragraph after paragraph and deleting each one because I kept getting a little off focus – my point of this post is to discuss what cold weather does to people and I NEED to know if people from the south and other WARMER countries experience these same issues.

Here, there is so much depression as soon as the fall colors fade and the temps start to drop. I think a good 50% if not more of the people I talk to (and I am just referring to how they/we are during the winter months) are so negative. Seasonal affective disorder is HUGE. All to many people are on anti-depressants. People seem to really change and NOT for the good during the winter months. Me, being a people pleaser have a difficult time with this because I am constantly thinking I have done something wrong to make them angry with me. Thankfully I have come to realize it is NOT me, it is the weather. I am certainly included in this group I am referring to – however, being unemployed at the moment, other than for myself, it has given me the opportunity to really think about things such as this and I for one am going to fight mother nature full force with all natural Vitamin D and be happy no matter what it takes. I will no longer let myself get sucked in to sadness, depression etc. because it is a VICIOUS cycle once you jump on that bandwagon. It is often too cold to be outdoors and do things so people are trapped inside and go stir-crazy. The drama seems to be 10-fold during the cold months. What better things are there to do when trapped indoors other than start nasty rumors and argue right? WRONG – you sit down and you make awesome crafts and you try to sell them on Etsy to make a living 🙂 People are moody and crabby all the time and it is enough to drive you insane. I just want to surround myself with happy positive and inspirational people (therefore I am not leaving my house till the temp gets above 50 in June). I was going to try and contact the Duck Dynasty crew seeing as they are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and ask if I could hang out with them for awhile BUT it seems at the moment they might not have all their ducks in a row. LOL So as I said, I am reaching out to my fellow blogging community and would LOVE to hear back from you on where you live and what people are like around you. The people here will say it is the same everywhere but I have been other places and beg to differ. I don’t want anyone thinking this is the worst place on earth to live because really it is a beautiful place IF your not me and long for sand between your toes, the sound of waves crashing, the sun seeping through your skin – ahhhhh I can close my eyes and feel it now. OH WAIT, that is my electric heater that is beside me. Dang it. I really would love to hear back from you on this so please reply with some feedback – where you live, what its like, how people act during the different seasons etc. it is much appreciated 😉

I will be anxiously waiting to read some good stuff over the weekend on this topic.

Have a Fantastic Friday!






Winter and Wine

Good afternoon friends- although not the best pics – I still haven’t mastered the fancy cameras… Wanted to share what my front looks like. Northern MN in all it’s glory-from inside its beautiful 😊 actually being out there longer than 30 seconds is too much for me haha.


On an another note- I’m a wine maker and finally bottled up my batch of fresh peach wine. Not loving the taste but the potency is quite extraordinary🍷 I actually can’t taste the peach at all so really bummed considering I used two boxes. Any ideas why or is this typical with fresh fruit wines- I would think it should have MORE flavor.


Anyways, off to celebrate a late Thanksgiving or early Christmas dinner at the in-laws. So cheers to you, cheers to me and have a fantastic Saturday all!