Talk to the hand cause the ears aren’t listening!


Do you feel others are acting this way when you try to talk to them? You have something REALLY important and exciting you want to share but no one will listen or pay attention? How about when you say something and no one acknowledges you said it, but then the jerk off next to you says the EXACT same thing and he/she actually get listened to? Frustrating huh?

Learning how to communicate effectively takes work – BUT I am here to give you several tips to get your point across so others HEAR you. Of course it may not always work, but it is worth a shot don’t cha think? These can be used in business or in personal situations.


First off, you have to know what it is you really want to communicate. Many people, including myself, fly off the handle too quickly. Gather your thoughts before you speak. It is also important to know your facts and the reasons. Putting them in order also helps a great deal so you’re not jumping back and forth from one thing to another.

Do NOT try to talk to someone about something when clearly their mind is in a hundred different places and they are distracted with many other things. If it appears to be that way, then ask them if you can schedule a few minutes with them later when they are free so that you will have their undivided attention.

Depending on WHAT you have to say, you really need to pick a good time and a good location. If it is complex and important, then picking a crowded noisy room at night is probably not the best choice.

Sometimes the difference between being listened to and NOT is only the tone and pitch of your voice. Speak firmly, yet do it with assurance. I can promise you from MUCH experience that yelling and sounding childish (but..but…but..) will get you no further then when you first opened your mouth. If you have to practice, record yourself and listen to it. How do you think others will HEAR what you are saying?

Not all people understand things when spoken to. Many people I know understand things much easier if there is some type of visual. No this does not mean flinging your hands in the air and holding up fingers – ha ha. If telling simply isn’t working try using pictures or other images along with your voice.

Mind your intent. What does this mean? When you speak what you do, you do so not only through your words, but also your tone of voice and your body language. Keep focused on persuasion, learn to frame your arguments and the ideas you present within the context of helping others learn and understand. Do not force them to agree with you. People can agree to disagree. If your just wanting someone to agree with you, instead of really wanting them to understand what you are saying then chances are the other person may be listening in one ear and letting it all go out the other.

I know good communication skills are probably one of the most important skills you can have in life. I have done A LOT of yelling trying to get people to listen and to get my point across WITHOUT any success I might add. So I did some research, am currently testing these ideas out and they are working so I wanted to share 🙂

Other than that – we got spoiled with few beautiful warm days here in northern MN. But thats over. The Igloo being built around my home is darn near completion (I seriously can’t see out some of my windows because the snow is THAT DEEP). This is going to be one interesting SLOPPY spring coming at us.

Enjoy today because its FRIDAY and who doesn’t love a Friday?



2 thoughts on “Talk to the hand cause the ears aren’t listening!

  1. Hi Rebeca,
    I saw your comment on the Funky Junky “How to Build a Dream Job” posting and came up with an idea. I decided to visit each person who commented on that particular posting because we are all likely facing similar situations. If each of us do that for each other and then return regularly to the sites we especially like, we can help each other build up our readership. You can find these comments of the Funky Junk Interiors post here:

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    Have a creative day! Betsy Skagen

    P.S. You know, your blog actually seems unique and with good advice. Communicating better, getting out of the blues (if not downright depression) are things we all (or at least many of us) struggle with.
    P.s.s. I had a really difficult time signing in to leave a comment (mainly because of a screw up I have with wordpress) and I don’t like using my personal facebook. Perhaps you could add google+ as a sign in option also?


    • Thank I would LOVE to take part in this. Things have been a little crazy for me lately but I will get to it ASAP. I will also add google+ as a sign in, I already have a portfolio and am all set up with google. Thanks for your awesome words. I hope to soon start my daily posts again. Just getting some things in order 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!


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