Daily Must Do’s for YOU!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I want to share with you a few things that I think we should all practice daily. In my opinion I think these things will give you an overall sense of well-being AND you will probably make others feel pretty darn special too 😉

Do you ever feel like you are just not appreciated? I believe in good and bad karma. Therefore if someone has helped you in some way, and just made your day a tad bit easier – make sure you let them know that with a BIG….


This not only will show others you respect them, but it will most likely be returned back to you when it is your time to receive.

SLOW THE HECK DOWN. Take a measly 15 minutes out of your day to enjoy yourself. Clear your mind – you will be amazed with the inspiration that comes your way when you are feeling at peace. I prefer to start my mornings like this.


Remember that list I talked about in my post yesterday? Probably not cause I don’t think many read it :((( Anyways if you are like me, you can be crazy busy and feel like you never accomplish anything. So DO and check one thing off your to-do list. Did you forget to return a phone call? Do you have a never-ending amount of e-mails you need to clean out? Just do at least one thing that has been really bothering you. It will give you so much relief and a good sense of accomplishment.

EAT at least one healthy & nutritious meal a day. One of my favorites is a chicken salad. I never get bored with these as you can always add or subtract stuff so they taste different each time.


Perform ONE or more if you like, random acts of kindness!  The concept of “paying it forward” is REAL and EFFECTIVE. Here is a simple list of ways to accomplish this in the photo below…


GIVE someone your full attention. Always listen without bearing judgments or criticism. Try to avoid giving any self-referencing (meaning don’t turn what they are saying around on you) and really be fully present for whoever needs it. Five minutes of your time is nothing but it sure could change a person’s entire day. Which in return should make you feel good as well.

Try your best to focus on one thing at a time (I know I have a HUGE problem with this but am working on it diligently – it REALLY takes focus) You are only one person and you can’t do everything. I expressed before and I will say it again, it is OK to say NO. I know how hard this is, try not to be rude about it, but remember it is not doing you any good to take on things when you already have your plate full. THIS CREATES STRESS!


Have you made your goal list yet? If not, do it today. It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between people who have written, stated goals and their level of accomplishment compared to people who do not. Can you guess who accomplishes more? But don’t forget to make your goals SMART ones.


And last but certainly NOT LEAST – tell those you love that you love them. There has been SO MANY DEATHS lately in my neck of the woods. It is heartbreaking. Don’t wait- tell them today because there is no day but today!


May peace, joy, happiness and all things good come your way today and everyday. Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!



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